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Supporting Women & Children in the areas of Hunger and Literacy

Dawn, one of our faithful volunteers, in her own words….. March 2, 2014

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Why do I volunteer:

I volunteer because I have no reason not to. I love my city. I was born and raised in Philadelphia and my whole family still lives here. I want to do anything I can do to help my community and the people in it thrive.

Growing up, my family received help in the way of public housing, food stamps, WIC, and even donations from our local church. Now as an adult, I am able to care for myself and there is no reason that I shouldn’t help others in any way that I can.

I started volunteering to give back. What I didn’t anticipate, is that I was also “getting”. I have met so many genuine people and I am so enriched having known them. I have been hugged by a stranger who wanted to thank me and it filled my heart to no end. There isn’t a single time I show up to help and someone doesn’t make me smile which automatically brightens my mood.

I started volunteering to help others. But when I lay my head down at night, I feel good knowing that I helped someone. I made someone else’s time maybe a little less difficult without even putting forth that much effort. Why do I volunteer? Why don’t you?


Thank you! February 22, 2014

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We would like to thank Liana Dragoman for supplying fresh produce to our 2nd & York Street Food Distribution over the past several years. Our families have enjoyed delicious greens, tomatoes, herbs, etc. thanks to Liana and her fellow gardeners. This is extremely important as many of our families are unable to afford fresh produce and it’s not easily accessible. Liana and Brent also surprised us a few months ago with fresh eggs from chickens they own. Our families were overjoyed! Thanks Liana and friends for all that you do to help combat hunger in our community!


Kudos to Nurse Nadine June 14, 2011

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Yesterday our resident nurse, Nadine Blackwell, represented the organization at a ground breaking ceremony for a new urban garden to be located at 20th & Market Street in Philadelphia. SHARE, an organization that we receive our shelf stable food items from for our food distribution, asked us to say a few words at the event. Primarily because we are a food cupboard that partners with a City Harvest garden to receive fresh produce for our participants. Nurse Nadine along with Steveanna of SHARE talked about the importance of fresh produce for residents in the community. Thanks to Nadine for a job well done in representing the organization! Nurse Nadine was also interviewed by KYW News Radio, which was heard on the radio today.


Fresh produce June 3, 2011

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A big thank you to Liana Dragoman and the Cohocksink Garden Family! This evening we received kale, collards and lettuce from their beautiful garden! Last week, they donated lettuce to us! The donation we received tonight will go to families we serve at our monthly food distribution held at the fire station on 2nd & York.


Walk Against Hunger

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For the second consecutive year, we participated in the annual Walk Against Hunger, sponsored by the Greater Philadelphia Coalition Against Hunger held in April. We thank all of those who supported us! A special thanks to Club Valiants, Inc., Chief Anthony Hudgins, Captain Joaquin Colon, Captain Charles Johnson and Captain Joiner of the Philadelphia Fire Department.


Exciting new project! May 21, 2011

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We are so EXCITED!! We are starting a new project partnering with Richard Wright Elementary School in Philadelphia. What are we excited about?? We are assisting with renovating the school library!

Here’s the thing. This wonderful school located in North Philadelphia has not had a functioning library in over two years! I know this is hard to believe. With the assistance of Kurt Raymond of CICADA Architecture/Planning there will hopefully be a renovated library by the fall 2011. Check back for more updates……